The Orchid Villa | Services
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The Orchid Villa offers following services

bullet Spa Services

       Body massages :
All massages are followed by steam. There is also a provision for a shower.
Time: 60 minutes & 90 minutes.

Signature massage :

Signature massage is an amalgamation of Swedish massage, Acupressure & Ayurvedic techniques.
The goodness of these holistic therapies promise to ease those tired muscles & joints, increase blood flow, alleviate insomnia, migraine & headaches that clog your senses with stress on day to day basis. After the signature spa session, you are sure to walk out feeling more rejuvenated & relaxed.


Swedish massage :

The Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. It involves deep kneading. It is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation & flexibility while easing tension.


Aromatherapy :

Fragrant oils are extracted from herbs, flowers & fruits to naturally enhance the benefits of massage & relax your senses.
We relax your body/ mind & spirit. This therapy is best for those who wish to have a light pressure massage.


Ayurvedic massage :

Ayurveda is based on the belief that all life forms have a “dosha” which is a unique mix of energies known as ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’ & ‘Kapha’. Helps eliminate toxins through purification, strengthens the muscle tone, relaxes & rejuvenates the body. The massage is done by using essential medicinal oils to suit individual doshas.
It detoxifies & cleanses the body by boosting the effectiveness of the human immune system.


Udvartana (Powder massage) :

Use of powder made of herbs in body massage is called ‘Udvartana’. This technique helps break down cellulite under the skin. It reduces cellulite & excess fat accumulation under the subcutaneous tissues of the skin.
Full body steam is required after the massage to get benefits of this technique. Udvartana can also be used on specific parts such as stomach, hips, thigh & arms.


Foot Reflexology :

The entire map of the body along with seven thousand nerve endings can be found at the bottom of the feet. By combining the Asian & Western methods of reflexology, we have achieved an amazing foot pampering treatment that will leave you feeling like you are ‘walking on the clouds’.
Time: 30 minutes & 45 minutes.


Back massage :

Back massage gives utmost relaxation, releases tight muscles. This massage gives emotional comfort & stress management benefits. It also improves blood circulation.
Time : 30 minutes.


Head-neck-shoulder :

This treatment targets stiff muscles of the head, neck & shoulder area. It is a wonderful way to ease neck & shoulder tension. Reduces stress, releases anxiety, increases circulation, boosts the immune system & helps in case of insomnia, headaches & migraine.
Time : 30 minutes & 45 minutes.

bullet Salon Services

Facials :

Signature Facial, Fruit Facial, Anti-aging facial, Anti-acne facial, Whitening facial, Bridal facial, Regular facial, Machine Treatments, Face clean-up.


Hair treatments :

bullet Hair spa

bullet Ayurvedic hair spa

bullet Head massage : Aroma oil, Olive oil, Ayurvedic Oil.

bullet Hair cuts : Basic & advanced

bullet Hair coloring : Dye, global

bullet Highlighting

bullet Hair smoothing

bullet Hair straightening

bullet Hairstyling

bullet Hair treatments (dandruff, dry, ichy scalp, hair loss)


Bridal :

bullet Pre-bridal packages

bullet Bridal packages

bullet Bridal makeup, hair & saree draping.

bullet Bridegroom makeup


Makeup & Hairstyling :

bullet Makeup for various occasions like Baby shower, Parties, Baby naming ceremony, Mehendi functions,
Engagements, etc.